Traffic Jams

Pandora and YouTube provided the musical backdrop of my trip and although I ran into road construction and slow moving traffic, I was still set to arrive at our regional meeting in time to check a few emails and greet colleagues I hadn’t seen in a while or have never met in person. And looking ahead, there it was… The second traffic slowdown; But this one was at least a mile of parked cars on I-485S… Dang it! GPS was  telling me that I had 13 more miles before my exit. OK God, I’m just trying to get to where I’m going, can you help move this along? As seconds pass, I’m calculating the time it will take and hoping I can beat time. After what seemed like forever, cars finally start to move. Slowly but surely, I get to where I’m going with only 5 minutes to spare.

It wasn’t until I was on my way home (rushing to meet another deadline, Rehearsal, LOL) and stuck in traffic again that I realized that I potentially missed God trying to get my attention that morning. That afternoon, I submitted to the slow and stopped traffic, and listened, paying attention to everything around me. It was not ironic that I had been listening to a message on the prophetic and hearing from God. So I listened.

How many times do we miss the prompting of God, His instruction, His encouragement, His rebuke and His tender whisper of love because we’re always busy rushing to the next thing? When is He and He only the next thing? There are times when we desperately want to hear anything he is saying to us; but sometimes we miss it completely. 

I encourage you to be still and listen. (I’m seriously talking to myself) Take advantage of moments he may be speaking to you, answering your prayers and providing next steps. Turn the TV completely off and put your phone or other devices down. He is always there, waiting for us to take a break from busyness to give him our full attention.

The afflicted will eat and be satisfied; Those who [diligently] seek Him and require Him [as their greatest need] will praise the Lord. May your hearts live forever!        Psalm 22:26 AMP


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