When Nothing Else Matters

I love that Jesus had a human side. It lets me know that it’s Alright to allow myself to feel what I am dealing with. In this season of celebrating Resurrection, I’ve thought about the life of Jesus, his unfailing love and relentless pursuit of saving the lost and his ultimate sacrifice . At what point do we even consider sacrificing anything for someone else?

I think about the thoughts that Jesus may have been thinking right before he was taken to stand before the court and later be crucified. One account of the story is in Matthew 26. As Jesus sat in the garden of Gethsemane, he mentions that his soul was full of sorrow, to the point of death. He was in agony over what was to come. He begged his father God 3 times to let this cup pass from him; Give him a way out of the vicious death of the cross, Let there be another way to make all this happen… but each time in the end, his desire was to fulfill the WILL OF GOD. He said “if this cup cannot pass from me, nevertheless, Not MY will, but THY WILL be done.

I had to put myself in this story and relate it to my present life. How many times have I wanted to do something my way, or wanted something to go a certain way, and it just wasn’t going to happen? Jesus knew that he had to go forward because if he didn’t, scriptures would not be fulfilled. WHAT IF we had the mentality of actually wanting God’s will for our lives, and knowing something else – someone’s deliverance, someone’s destiny or OUR destiny would not be fulfilled until we submitted to the Will of God? Until we, who profess to be Christians, actually submit to God, we will never know the fullness of what God has for us. Nothing else matters until we give our all to God.

I thought to myself, I feel Jesus on wanting out because I wouldn’t want to suffer and die for people who have picked on me, rejected me, talked about me, betrayed me or didn’t acknowledge me. Listen, I can keep it real. People will make you want to to stay right in the flesh and act a whole fool. BUT GOD! I realized that more often than not, I have found myself doing just that… dying daily and being subject to the will of God, whether I wanted to or not. Not because I was so excited to serve and appeal to man, but because there is pure joy in serving and submitting to an amazing God.


Think about this: What have you done lately that shows your commitment to God? How have you presented yourself a living sacrifice? What if Jesus was as rebellious as we are? What if he did what he wanted to do and not what was purposed for him to do?

I pray that you will press deeper into God. When we trust him fully, we’ll see great things occur in our lives. God’s track record is good, and the fact that Jesus is STILL alive gives us unending hope.


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