Speak Life? Yeah, Really!

One of the greatest take-aways  from Genesis 1 is that God didn’t wonder what could be possible; He spoke it into existence and it was. We see several instances where He or Jesus told someone to speak to something to get a specific result.



Yesterday, I spoke to Hurricane Michael, to lights in the area, and truly believed that the power that works within me would produce. We didn’t lose power, but lights in our immediate area were restored shortly after the storm passed through. This morning, I spoke out loud while getting ready for work about having fruit with my breakfast. I stopped at Food Lion and brought said fruit but as I got off the elevator at the office, was told that ‘there is fruit in the kitchen’. Coincidental? Of course the naysayers will say it was. But the way my faith is set up…. Nah…

I said all that to say, our words have always had power. If you don’t believe it, start speaking life to your situation… Or look back at times where you have spoken death or negativity in your life and look at the pattern that produced…

IF you’re going to be bold enough to speak something into manifestation, believe that you will see it.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue AND they that love it (whichever you chose) shall eat the fruit thereof.” Prov 18:21

#seasonofmanifestation #SayItBeforeYouSeeIt #SpeakLife


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