Lessons from Facebook Memories

2020 was the last time my mom would wish me a Happy New Year. To say that processing the grief has been difficult is an understatement; she was larger than life for those of us who knew her. The kindest heart, but wouldn’t take junk from anyone😏. She was a mighty force, God’s gift to our family.

The last few years taught me:

  • I don’t have to be who she was, no matter who tries to put me in her place
  • those of us who remain are her legacy, and we should definitely continue to carry out the things that she’s taught us
  • grief is not a one size fit all process. No one can tell you how to do it or how long to do it. It’s OK to get help and work your way back to wholeness; emotionally and mentally.
  • Sometimes a part of your tribe will be made up of people who God strategically places in your life to help you through this part of your journey.
  • the memory of your love ones continue to live in you. Think of good times often, and remember the amazing impact they made while they were here.

Happy New Year Fam. I pray that you manage your time well with the people who are left. And I pray that wonderful memories of loved ones who have passed continually overwhelm you, and that your cycle of grief is one of positivity, love, peace and healing. 💜


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