Meet Tanisha

Hey, I’m Tanisha. I’m a woman of faith and I love God with my whole heart. I’m a work in progress and a certified Used To Be: Used to spoiled brat (well, maybe I’m not fully delivered), Used to have a huge sense of entitlement; Used to be a liar, use to be depressed and suicidal, used to have the worst self-esteem issues and question my worth (Still a struggle), used to be dependent on others for validation.

Things I love: My family. Ministry. Purple. Mt. Dew. Stilettos. Making people laugh. Listening to Music. Reading a good book. Worship and Private time with God. Alone time (I think I’m an introvert). Cooking. Sleep.

My passion: Encouraging other women to walk away from guilt and shame, to help them see themselves the way God sees them, to walk with them along the path to wholeness and to cheer them on as they pursue God’s will for their lives.

What I’m working on: Writings based on my personal testimony; something huge for my sisters near and far; breaking chains and setting captives free through the authority given to me by Jesus Christ.

What I’m reading (Or just finished): Careful What You Click For – Mary B. Morrison Get Out of Your Head – Jennie Allen, Procrastination: Why You Do it, What to Do About It Now

What I Believe:

  1. In the one true and living God, manifested as the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
  2. That the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God and is the only authority of truth and salvation.
  3. That we are all sinners, in need of a savior, since the fall of man (Adam & Eve).
  4. That we all have the opportunity to repent and our sins be forgiven by God.
  5. In the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, his sinless life, his death on the cross to atone for our sins, and his resurrection and defeat of Satan.
  6. The gift of salvation by grace, through faith and not works.
  7. The Holy Spirit fills believers; leads to all truth, comforts and intercedes.
  8. The Five-fold ministry and the activation of all Spiritual gifts
  9. That marriage is sacred, created by God for one Man and one Woman, is governed by God and is a covenant that should not be broken.
  10. That we are all called to be ministers; proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world, to be salt and light and to love others so everyone knows we are children of God.